Toyo resources at just a click away.

We at Toyo are proud to have a great group of dealers representing our products. We also understand to run their businesses they need information that is easy to access and understand. The Toyo dealer resource center is a Toyo dealer’s window to training and advertising material and much more.

This information is designed to help dealers locate, learn and promote the Toyo line of tires.

To access the various pages you may be asked for a unique username and password. Please contact your Toyo regional manager if you have not been assigned one or have forgotten yours.

Dealer Links

Become a dealer
Are you interested in selling Toyo Tires in Canada? Please fill out this form and a member of our sales team will contact you.

Toyo Support Site

Enhance the appearance of your retail store and increase sales. Order new Toyo Tires signs, complete themed point-of-purchase kits, product brochures, and much more online. Purchases are eligible for Co-op reimbursement.

Training Site
Education is the key to building confidence in selling any product. It is a worthwhile investment in time to complete the training modules. This section includes a comprehensive certification courses on consumer and commercial products, 24 hours a day. With incentives!

To access this section of the site simply register online. Once your information is confirmed you will be given access to the site.