Some follow the leaders. Others ride on them.

Whether you plan on racing down a world-class track or driving down the highway, Toyo Tires applies leading-edge technology, innovation and testing to every tire we develop, including yours. At Toyo Tires, being driven to perform means leading the way with innovative tire technology. No matter what you drive, we're finding ways to give you quicker acceleration, more stopping power, more precise cornering and a smoother, quieter ride.

What does this mean for you? No matter where you live, no matter what type of car or truck you drive, no matter how sharp the turn or sudden the stop, your Toyo tires will help you handle it like a pro. A quick read of our key innovations will show you how.


Over the years, Toyo Tires has pioneered the development of vehicle-specific tires and ultra high-performance sport tires.


We build tires that are better in ways you might not notice. For instance, take Tecology—our global initiative to unite technology and ecology.


Advance technology for commercial trucks.


Ideally, you won't even notice how smooth and quiet the ride is.


We apply leading-edge technology, innovation, and testing to every tire we develop.


Toyo's winter tires are designed to get you through winter's toughest conditions

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