On/off road tires, also known as "mixed service tires," are commonly used on construction, logging, and refuse-type vehicles. Their aggressive tread patterns are designed to eject rocks and provide traction in muddy conditions.

Toyo commercial tires are built tough to give any fleet owner the advantage of lower operating costs and dependability.

M320 - M320Z

The M320Z is an even-wearing, on/off-road highway tire built for multiple applications in the most demanding high-traction, high-torque environments.


The M506Z is a 30/32" drive tire for severe on/off-road applications.


The M503Z is an on/off-road drive tire that delivers excellent traction and dependability in tough off-road conditions.


The Toyo M320WB is a wide base tire designed for all wheel position use in tough on/off highway applications such as dump trucks, concrete mixers and refuse trucks.