Toyo has launched their “we got nuts” campaign. By directing consumers to the  web site Toyo hopes visitors will find the 7 videos somewhat nutty. Is it really all about the nuts? Of course not! Is it really just about nuts!

The videos are designed to simplify winter technology hopefully making it more interesting and enjoyable to view. They do poke fun at some topics which are usually stated in a language that can only be described as “tire geek” which many people couldn’t relate to while also putting to rest some questions or confusion as to why a certain technology is added to a winter tire. 

Another reason for the video series is all the confusion between “all-season”, “4-season” and “winter” tires. Is there really a difference? Yes there is, and in some cases a very big difference. 

Explaining the value of a winter tire is very important. An all season tire is not the same today as when it was first introduced. An example of this is due to consumer demand we may have a “V” speed rated ultra-high performance all season tire on say the family Volvo. Being an ultra-high performance tire we can’t expect it to perform in all cold weather situations. The term 3 season tire is being used a lot in the tire industry trying to point out the need for a tire better suited for severe winter conditions.

Winter tires have also evolved. They are not simply designed for snow but also to perform on ice, sleet, slush, etc. In fact without sounding like a tire geek myself, the technology in a winter tire is very impressive. Yes like “Nuts”! Actually, the reasons why they use them is the impressive part impressive.

The Toyo video series sets out to explain tire technology and expose why it is there and what it does for you. Sorry tire geeks, but this one may not be for you!

So go to  to get a feel for why their “nuts” are unique and what they do, but also how all the other winter tire technology works together. 

So “Yes” Toyo are exposing their nuts in a new way, and why winter tires may be your best and safest choice. And “yes” it’s hard to make these nutty statements with a straight face.

Have some fun with Toyo’s nuts … and more, by going to .  In blogs to follow we’ll go over each video and their significance.

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