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Long-Haul Steer Tire

Over the highway steer tire designed for use in long haul applications

Resists Irregular Wear for Longer Tread Life
  • E-balance design provides even contact pressure distribution across the tread surface resulting in even wear and long life.
  • Top Differential Groove™ and tread depth are optimized to minimize irregular wear and to maximize miles per 32nd.
Casing Durability and Enhanced Retreadability
  • Special cap and base tread compound reduces heat at the belt edge and excessive heat build-up inside the tire structure.
  • E-balance profile minimizes growth of the tread profile and maintains uniformand flatter tread radius for the entire life of the casing.
  • Deep sipes and multi-pitch grooves enhance wet traction.
  • Four straight grooves sustain water drainage.
Tire Size Load/Speed Product Code Approved Rim Width Range (inch) Overall Diameter (inch) Overall Width (inch) Sidewall Tread Depth (1/32") Revs/km Max Load Single (lbs.) Max Pressure Single (psi)
11R22.5 144/142L 547030 7.5-(8.7)-8.2 40.9 11.2 BL 15 315 6175 105
295/75R22.5 144/141L 547010 8.2-(8.7)-9.0 39.8 11.3 BL 15 324 6175 110
295/75R22.5 146/143L 547000 8.2-(8.7)-9.0 40 11.1 BL 15 323 6610 120
11R24.5 146/143L 547050 7.5-(8.7)-8.2 43 11.2 BL 15 301 6610 105
285/75R24.5 144/141L 547020 8.2-(8.7)-8.2 41.2 11 BL 15 313 6175 110
285/75R24.5 147/144L 547070 8.2-(8.7)-8.2 41.1 10.8 BL 15 314 6780 120

Toyo Tire Canada Inc. offers a Millenium Warranty package which includes the "Workmanship and Materials Warranty" and the "Wear-out Warranty".  It explains which Toyo tire patterns are covered, the nature of the coverage and what is required by the purchaser to maintain the coverage in force. To download the complete warranty booklet for your tire, click on the appropriate link. 

For additional assistance, please contact our Consumer Relations Department by or phone.

1-877-682-TOYO (8696)




The Toyo M137 replaces the following commercial tire products:

Bridgestone M283 Ecopia
Continental HSL2 Eco Plus
Goodyear G399A LHS Fuel Max
Michelin XZA3
Yokohama 101ZL
Yokohama RY617

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