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Regional and Urban Drive Tire

A durable radial designed for long haul, over the highway service and higher torque operating conditions.

Features include resistance to irregular wear, improved stability and excellent traction in both wet and dry conditions.  An advanced casing design and compounding extend casing life and bolster retreadability.

Resistance to Irregular Wear
  • Rib/lug pattern with 28/32" tread depth for optimum performance
  • DSOC IITM technology optimizes design for even wear and long life
  • Tie bars on shoulder bridge reduce tread block movement
Traction and Mileage
  • Deep tread provides traction in both wet and dry conditions
  • Four steel belt construction braces the tread area for improved mileage, resistance to irregular wear and reduced rolling resistance
Enhanced Retreadability
  • Advanced casing design and compounding for extended casing life and retreadability


Tire Size Load/Speed Product Code Approved Rim Width Range (inch) Overall Diameter (inch) Overall Width (inch) Sidewall Tread Depth (1/32") Revs/km Max Load Single (lbs.) Max Pressure Single (psi)
11R22.5 144/142L 556350 7.5-(8.7)-8.2 42 11.1 BW 28 308 6175/5840 105/105
11R22.5 146/143L 556330 7.5-(8.7)-8.2 42 11.1 BW 28 308 6610/6005 120/120
285/75R24.5 144/141L 556500 8.2-(8.7)-8.2 41.9 11.1 BW 28 308 6175/5675 110/110
11R24.5 146/143L 556460 7.5-(8.7)-8.2 44 11.1 BW 28 293 6610/6005 105/105
11R24.5 149/146L 556470 7.5-(8.7)-8.2 44 11.1 BW 28 293 7160/6610 120/120

Toyo Tire Canada Inc. offers a comprehensive "TRUCK TIRE LIMITED WARRANTY AND CASING POLICY". 

For additional assistance, please contact our Consumer Relations Department by or phone.

1-877-682-TOYO (8696)



 The Toyo M610ZL replaces the following commercial tire products:

Bridgestone M711 
Bridgestone M770 
Continental Hybrid HD3
Goodyear G182 RSD
Michelin XDE M&S
Yokohama SY767

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