Winter tires are not just for snow and ice but for all cold weather conditions. Toyo OBSERVE winter tires are designed to get you through winter's toughest conditions and ensure you have maximum traction on cold, dry roads. While most manufacturers have developed their winter tires to be stronger in one specific area, Toyo Tires has been able to produce a tire that performs great in all cold weather conditions.


How is Toyo able to accomplish this? Simply speaking, Toyo has seriously improved traction through technology.



Walnut shells are one of the hardest natural substances in the world. That's why Toyo Tires developed Microbit Technology, which incorporates thousands of crushed walnut shells into the tread compound of the    and winter tires.

These walnut shells act like tiny spikes that dig into ice or compacted snow, providing added traction, especially during harsh winter driving conditions.

Being a naturally-derived material, they are also friendly to the environment as the tire wears down.

Microbit studless tire technology



The incorporates a new absorbent carbonic powder made from bamboo charcoal.

This powder in the tread compound aides in removing the thin water layer on the ice and compacted snow surfaces by acting like a sponge absorbing the water on the road and dispersing it as the tire rotates. By removing the water it allows the studless compound and tread design to work more efficiently by making positive contact to the road surface.

Absorbent Carbonic Powder



Toyo incorporates an advanced siping system into their winter tires. These slits are special because they are designed to not only give better stopping and starting grip but for cornering as well.

For example, the Toyo uses an advanced multi-directional sipe technology referred to as "Spider Sipe technology". By designing the sipes so that they cover 360 degrees you're ensured maximum grip when cornering, accelerating or braking. This increased traction is great for ice, slush and cold,  wet roads.

Advanced Spider Sipe Technology



For all cold weather driving, the key is that the tread blocks remain flexible and don't become rigid. Once the tread block becomes rigid it starts to lose its grip. Toyo uses increased levels of silica to help combat this issue. Where the really advanced part comes in is that Toyo has refined and improved the dispersion of the Silica in the compound.

What his means is that the mixture is more reliable, allowing for consistent traction throughout the life of the tire. This consistency allows for better block flexibility at lower temperatures resulting in improved wet grip and braking, while maintaining traction in low temperatures in all of winter's conditions.

Advanced tread compounding.



Tread design is not just for great looks. By using award winning, advanced computer aided programs, Toyo’s tread designs have been developed to maximize water evacuation or to dig into and grab onto snow or slush for more positive traction in all kinds of slippery situations.

In addition to this, Toyo Observe winter tires are somewhat unique. Toyo Tires designs and tests them specifically for our Canadian winters. This is why Toyo Observe winter tires have a reputation for working great in all of our cold weather conditions

Advanced computer aided tread design.


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