What's the secret to Toyo's winter tire traction?
We’ll not only be talking about walnuts but about all the technology that makes the Toyo Observe line of winter tires so effective.  
Toyo also incorporates bamboo carbon, new advancements in siping, tread design and rubber compounding to enhance your winter driving safety.  


Let’s have a look at how it all works.


Nuts? Hope you think they're cool!

Yes it’s true. Toyo Tires uses walnut shells in their Observe line of winter tires. I’m sure your initial response was probably something like “wow that’s pretty cool”! Then you probably wondered “why walnuts?”


So what's with the nuts?

So why nuts? Listen and find out why!


Carbon made from bamboo?

A common misconception is that if there is ice it’s the only thing we have to deal with for traction. When in fact there is a thin layer of moisture that comes between the tire and the ice.


Let's talk about the mix!

It’s not only stating that you have one technology or another it’s about how well the technology is blended into the tread rubber.


Do your sipes wave?

One place technology has changed drastically is in siping. Basically a sipe is a cut or a slit in a tire’s tread blocks. These sipes were original straight horizontal slits through the face of the tire. By having sipes it allowed for added edge effect and a better way for the water on slippery surfaces to escape.


We have to be “design” conscious!

You should know that Toyo has spent years designing and testing their Observe line of winter tires. Once new technologies are discovered the process starts again in considerations of a better solution.


It's all in the tread!

Microbit technology, carbon fiber, advanced siping and on and on, it all really comes down to the tread that touches the road. Once again using Toyo’s T-Mode technology this is where Toyo has an advantage over its competitors.

Tread Talk

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