Toyo Tires Tecology logo ... better environmental initiativesAs part of our goal to become an environmentally conscience corporation, we’ve implemented a social responsibility initiative called Tecology. Tecology is the use of our latest proprietary technology to develop eco-friendly tires that still carry the highest standards for comfort, safety and performance. Improvements in the manufacturing process as well as in the products themselves have already been made.

We’ve been able to significantly lower CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process through the introduction of a natural gas cogeneration system, which enables the boilers in our facilities to operate on natural gas as opposed to fuel oil. Natural gas produces less carbon dioxide when compared with coal or fuel oil, thus reducing the overall impact on the environment. Toyo Tires Eco logo

Tires that receive a significant improvement in wear life over the preceding product will be brought to market as “eco-friendly.” To identify these new environmentally-friendly products, a logo with the letter “E” placed inside a leaf will be stamped along the sidewall. This stamp is currently on our  product. Moving forward, particular attention will also be made to the development of products so that they are more lightweight, longer lasting and developed with recycled material when possible.

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