Posted: Oct 23, 2017
We often receive questions from customers wondering why tires with a certain speed rating are installed as original equipment on their vehicles. One customer asked, “Can you explain why a car like a Nissan cube needs tires that have a speed rating of over 200 km/hr is required?” 
Posted: Nov 25, 2015
So why bamboo and why would carbon be needed?Years of studying winter driving it was shown that even in really cold weather conditions there’s a thin sheet of water on the road surface. This can be above clear paved roads, ice or any slippery surface. This thin layer of moisture restricts the tire from making a positive contact which is essential for turning, braking or accelerating. 
Posted: Nov 25, 2015
Posted: Nov 03, 2015
TweetThe first video in the series after the introduction gets right to the point … “What’s up with the nuts?” A good question that needs a little time to explain.
Posted: Jul 31, 2015
Tire companies put a lot of effort into educating drivers on the importance of cold weather tires every fall. Simply put, when the mercury drops below seven degrees Celsius an all-season tire starts to lose the traction and handling advantage needed to safely drive on our roads and highways and should be replaced by four suitable cold weather winter tires. 
Posted: May 31, 2015
The summer driving season is just around the corner and we’re reminded to check our tire pressure. This is really important before heading out for a summer get away to the lake or to see friends and family.
Posted: Mar 25, 2015
It’s that time of year again, spring, means only one thing for Canada’s road: potholes. In average cities in Canada have nearly 50,000 potholes formed every spring, which means your vehicle can suffer major damage. Navigating around them is a daily reality and most of the time, you can’t see a pothole until it’s too late.
Posted: Feb 27, 2015
Admittedly, it's probably not first thing you notice when looking at a tire but those little cuts you see running across the tread are called sipes. These sipes play a big part in keeping you safe on the road.
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Posted: Dec 22, 2014
Wheel balancing also known as balancing your tires, is the process of distributing the mass of the tire and the wheel, when mounting on the car's axle. This process can evenly distribute the weight around the axle.
Posted: Nov 25, 2014
Eventually, all tires need to be replaced as the tread wears. It's recommended you check your tires' air pressure once a month, during this time it would also be a good idea to check for signs of irregular tire wears.


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