So why bamboo and why would carbon be needed?

Years of studying winter driving it was shown that even in really cold weather conditions there’s a thin sheet of water on the road surface. This can be above clear paved roads, ice or any slippery surface. This thin layer of moisture restricts the tire from making a positive contact which is essential for turning, braking or accelerating. 

Within a winter tire’s design water evacuation is a key component. However, even with advanced groove designs to channel water away and multi wave sipes to dig past the moisture a thin film of water still remains.

An example would be black ice. Not all ice, not all moisture … but very dangerous.

So why bamboo?
Absorbent compounds are used within a tire’s tread compound to help soak up the remaining moisture which increases contact to the road surface.

In fact there have been other man-made products used in previous Toyo winter tires. One recent example would be “Frapontite”. An absorbent crystal type product which worked very well. However Toyo Tires continued to search for improved technology along with sincere commitment to a greener planet. Bamboo was discovered as a great alternative and introduced.

At a very close view, you can see that the carbon is porous allowing for water to enter the holes. The water is then ejected by centrifugal force ready to be filled once again on the next rotation. Bamboo was a perfect solution as the fast growing plant is never in short supply. In some instances it’s a relief when harvested … but may be a disappointment when it quickly replenishes itself.

Getting the best grip whatever the cold weather condition is the goal for any winter tire. The better the grip, the better you are prepared to stop, turn or accelerate. 

Sounds like a lot of effort for a little water? You bet, but to ensure the best grip it needs to be done. And Toyo is not a company to overlook every possible technology to make your winter drive safer.

Now knowing these facts … are you not absorbed by the idea?

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