Toyo Tires operates one of the most aggressive and comprehensive testing programs in the industry. This helps us to develop and distribute products with consistently high quality, including excellent safety and performance. In addition to the following proving grounds and technical center in Japan, extensive real-world testing is performed in each of our markets around the globe. But the testing doesn’t stop at the places listed on this page.

At Toyo Tires, we also believe in innovation through competition. As a result, we are actively involved in a variety of motorsports worldwide. This includes everything from the SPEED World Challenge GT and Touring Car series, which competes on famous racetracks across the United States, to the Dakar Rally, which covers some of the roughest terrain in the world. This assists our engineers in developing and testing prototype materials, construction and performance concepts.

Our Test Facilities

  • Toyo Tires Proving Ground - Miyazaki, Japan

    At the Toyo Tires Proving Ground in Miyazaki, Japan we conduct high-speed performance, endurance, and noise tests on passenger car, light truck and bus tires. The facility also includes a test track to monitor and analyze steering stability characteristics of Toyo Tires products.

  • Toyo Tires Proving Ground - Saroma, Japan

    Snow and all-season tires are evaluated at the Toyo Tires Proving Ground in Saroma, Japan. At the facility, Toyo Tires engineers accurately measure performance characteristics such as traction, braking, and steering response in real-life, demanding winter conditions.

  • Toyo Tires Technical Center - Itami, Japan

    The Toyo Tires Technical Center in Itami, Japan is one of the most advanced tire-development centers in the world. It contains state-of-the-art design, development, and testing equipment, including the Flat-Trac II tire testing machine and the super-computer based simulation system responsible for T-mode designed products.

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