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Heavy-Duty On/Off Drive Radial

The Toyo M506Z is a premium extra-deep tread drive-axle radial for severe on/off-road applications. It is ideal for logging, construction, or other severe service where mud and abrasive conditions are common.

Casing Durability and Enhanced Retreadability
  • Advanced casing design and compounding for extended casing life and retreadability.
  • DSOC IITM technology optimizes design for even wear and long life.
  • Stone ejector grooves minimize stone retention to maintain casing integrity
  • Tough-tread compound resists cuts and chips.
  • Extra-deep 30/32” lug tread offers traction for severe on/off-road applications.
Tire Size Load/Speed Product Code Approved Rim Width Range (inch) Overall Diameter (inch) Overall Width (inch) Sidewall Tread Depth (1/32") Revs/km Max Load Single (lbs.) Max Pressure Single (psi)
11R22.5 148/145G 549280 7.5-(8.7)-8.2 42.1 11.3 BW 30 306 6610/6005 120/120
11R24.5 149/146G 549300 7.5-(8.7)-8.2 44.1 11.3 BW 30 293 7160/6610 120/120

Toyo Tire Canada Inc. offers a comprehensive "TRUCK TIRE LIMITED WARRANTY AND CASING POLICY". 

For additional assistance, please contact our Consumer Relations Department by or phone.

1-877-682-TOYO (8696)


The Toyo M506Z replaces the following commercial tire products:

Bridgestone L320 
Continental HDC1
Goodyear G177
Michelin XWorks XDY
Yokohama LY053

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