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Premium Steer Radial

The M144 is a regional steer tire developed to deliver high mileage. Capable of being used in all positions, the M144 provides low-cost mileage performance and better retreadability.

Resists Irregular Wear for Longer Tread Life
  • Wide-rib design and optimized tread profiles result in even contact pressure distribution.
  • Wide-rib design with flatter tread provides long, smooth wear. Unique tread grooves reduce irregular wear and deliver increased traction throughout the life or the tire.
Casing Durability and Enhanced Retreadability
  • Wide steel-belt structure and high-stiffness bead construction results in less fatique, longer casing life and higher retreadability.
  • V-shaped groove design ejects packed stone in grooves.
Tire Size Load/Speed Product Code Approved Rim Width Range (inch) Overall Diameter (inch) Overall Width (inch) Sidewall Tread Depth (1/32") Revs/km Max Load Single (lbs.) Max Pressure Single (psi)
295/80R22.5 152/148M 548080 8.2-(9.0)-9.0 41.5 11.9 BW 19 311 7830/6940 125/125
315/80R22.5 158/156L 548370 9.0-(9.0)-9.7 42.6 12.3 BW 19 303 9370/8820 130/130
305/70R22.5 152/150L 548970 8.2-(9.0)-9.0 39.5 12.1 BL 19 327 7830/7390 130/130

Toyo Tire Canada Inc. offers a comprehensive "TRUCK TIRE LIMITED WARRANTY AND CASING POLICY". 

For additional assistance, please contact our Consumer Relations Department by or phone.

1-877-682-TOYO (8696)


The Toyo M144A/ M144 replaces the following commercial tire products:

Bridgestone R294
Continental Coach HA3
Continental HSU
Goodyear G291 (Metro)
Yokohama 104ZR

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