Nous savons que vous aimez votre voiture. Voici le moment venu d’aimer vos pneus. De l’entretien de base jusqu’à la signification de tous ces caractères sur les flancs, l’amour commence par un peu de compréhension.


Le flanc d’un pneu présente des renseignements importants. Les chiffres et les lettres correspondent à des normes de dimension et de performance qui vous permettent de comparer les pneus de façon plus précise et plus efficace.

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If you have multiple sets of tires, proper tire storage is a must. Proper storage ensures that your tires’ appearance and performance are maintained. Before you store your tires, be sure to inspect each one for damage or uneven wear.

HydroplaningThree main factors contribute to hydroplaning, or the loss of traction on wet roads:

Some follow the leaders. Others ride on them.Whether you plan on racing down a world-class track or driving down the highway, Toyo Tires applies leading-edge technology, innovation and testing to every tire we develop, including yours.

Plus sizing wheels and tires is a popular trend among car enthusiasts. Adding inches to the wheel diameter for wider, low aspect ratio tires can increase your car’s handling capabilities and its appearance. The following are common plus sizes.

The right tire care and maintenance keeps you safe and helps your tires perform their best longer.

These Load and Inflation Tables are intended to provide assistance when replacing tires with optional tire sizes including “plus sizes” that may not be listed on the vehicle’s tire information placard (T.I.P) or in the owner’s m

Find information on how to understand the important information on your tire sidewall.

Toyo Tires has always been an advocate of tire safety and provides the following information and resources to promote the safe use of our tires.

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RT : Proper air pressure extends tread life, improves safety, and reduces fuel consumption —all vital factors in saving… https://t.co/74m2RCB3Au

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